AMPELAS SA company was founded in 1984 and trades in electrical equipment, lighting and automation, providing you with quality products of the largest companies worldwide. Its great experience and need for constant evolution makes it capable of studying, suggesting and installing the products it sells for every modern construction.




Our love for well-designed objects and the art of proper lighting has resulted in collaborations with major firms of the Greek and international market, in order for the best result to be achieved every time.
Ηλεκτρολογικό Υλικό

Electrical Equipment

Complete product lines that make up a huge variety of electrical goods for low and medium voltage systems and for all kinds of electrical installations.


Switch product lines that will serve all tastes and styles, combining functionality and ergonomics.

Light Bulbs

Explore further the possibilities and alternative applications that you can achieve in the lighting sector, through the huge variety of choices offered by modern technology.


Multiple choices, which can satisfy the highest standards as far as safety and control in private and business premises are concerned.
Βιομηχανικό Υλικό

Industrial Material

Industrial Material solutions, certified by the largest companies of the industry worldwide, well-known in the field of electrical applications.

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